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Magic Rush Heroes Gameplay and Important Advices


Hi Magic Rusher! 🙂 Today I will introduce Gameplays and useful advises. What I want to show you, lightly in my account, gameplays and importants advises that you can use and maybe make better your play and have fun in game. In this post I want to show you my Uther Who is awakening and show how I’m using and interesting results.

Uther, has new hability to get high armor, resistence and depending of strategy he brings greats results in special against physical teams. So in this guide I will show to you my account (I don’t think I have some thing new to show, but I want explain why I choose Uther) You could see my Uther is awakening (handsome, I really like it), five stars (going to six star, or Silver Big Star).

Later I’ll show his team’s category. Do you know who will gain armor when he is awakening this hereos will get extra armor? Look in special to Gerber, Bendivere (who I really think so strong now) and Gearz About equipaments, I’m making this last, it get back some damage what you suffer. I’m using this equip what make magic damage in opponents near to Uther each 3 seconds I want use the last, when I get it, uthe there I’m using the belt.

You could see my Uther is lv90 and his skills is 90 too His first skill is soo good to put shield in his team. His second skill heal allies. His third skill causes stunt and some damage. His fourth skill increases armor to all team’s members (is passive) and the fifth increases heroes in his team’s category.

Here you can see Leons Gameplay:


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