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Magic Rush Heroes – Alliance War


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Hello there! It is me again and on this post I will talk about alliance war.

Lets go Alliance war last one week and after queue rest for 1 week. Here you have to build your team and set it on one of this lanes. You press edit team. I already have built my 3 troops but I will show you how to do it you press add troop. I have my first troop in September, now i will add the second one and now the third troop Press confirm For Those Who are VIP 7 or higher. They can add 4 or even 5 troops. Press Save Now you have to set your troops in one of the 3 lanes. The elder from my alliance Told me to set my troops in the mid lane Press add troop. And Then ok. Now comes the most important part. Everyday you will fight a different alliance. Here you can see the bracket As i said, this season is over and we are in the rest stage. The most important is That You have to set your troops in the lane everyday. After every battle the lanes are cleared. Then you must come back and Set Your troops again in one lane Everyday you must do that, is really important to win the battle. You must win 2 out of 3 lanes. There is a lot of strategy Involved But you shouldn’t leave the strategy to the elders and leader.


Hope you enjoyed this post.


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