Magic Rush Heroes Hack


Hey guys. It is me again 🙂 Today I am gonna share an awesome software with you. I don’t know how it works, but it WORKS! I have stumpled upon it and decide to share it with you. This Magic Rush Heroes Hack Tool allows you to generate as much Gold and Diamonds as you wish. You can also refill your Stamina all the time. It’s a awesome experience guys. Here is a screenshot of the tool

Magic Rush Heroes Hack

What I basically did is I connected my iPhone with my PC and selected the Apple logo in the tool. Then I have choosed 999999 Coins and Diamonds and clicked the Start Hack. Here a little screenshot of my account:


I am freaking amazed about this tool. To not over-saturate it I locked the download link, this way not every noob will be able to download and share it. Let’s keep it private guys! Above you can also vote if it worked for you too 🙂


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Magic Rush Heroes for Android and iOS – A Game That You Have To Try


magic rush hereoes hack

As a person who fancies role playing games, and you would love to have the capability of forming a team of heroes to stop some evil forces from hijacking your precious world and treasures then opt for Magic Rush: Heroes.

In this amazing game, you will come across assortments of elements and intrigues you will see in tower defense games, building games and customary role-playing games. This diversity in unison makes Magic Rush: Heroes a very unique, exclusive and entertaining game.

This game has been developed and advanced, and successfully launched by game developer, Elex. The company is popular for building amazing mobile games such as Clash of Spartan  and the Age of Warring Empire.

Magic Rush Heroes Hack Proof

Magic Rush: Heroes has over 10 million downloads in 2016 with an outrageous 4.4 rating out of 5 on Google Play Store.

You can download and play the game for free though you will have to have internet access for you to download addition files for the game.

After the download and installation of the game on your android-based, there is a high probability you will need to download some additional files from it. This will not take you more than one minute. When the download is complete, you won’t be required to register or open an account before gaining access to play the game. The main goal in the game is to mobilize a team of super heroes to take down all the evil forces that are against you.

Magic Rush: Heroes Hack for Gold Coins and Diamonds 2016.

magic rush hereoes tips and tricksDo you wish to be a winner at Magic Rush: Heroes? Do you want to defeat all your friends? For you to achieve this, you will need plenty of  diamonds and gold coins.

To get these without any charges, log on to our website and go download our Magic Rush: Heroes Hack Tool for free. This will enable you get the diamonds and gold coins easily. This tool is extremely easy to use. Take a look at this photo below. You just have to input the number of gold coins and diamonds you need. What can be easier?

It is possible for you to utilize the tool without having to doing an APK rooting or jailbreaking on your gadget. It would take only thirty seconds to download it. Then you will use another thirty seconds to initiate installation, thereafter which you will indicate the number of gold coins and diamonds you want. The tool requires no filling of any surveys to be used.

The next thing is to click on the big blue “start” icon. This will initiate the hacking of the game. After that is complete, take another thirty seconds, and open the application as you do normally. Then your gold coins and diamonds will load.

About the Game

In the game, there is a world map to guide your navigation. It has myriads of modes and features inside it. When you just start playing the game, you would only be able to access the Campaign mode of the game. This mode is made up of many stages. You will need to win one level before you can move to the next one to be moving up in the game.

Magic Rush: Heroes Cheats Hack 1magic rush heroes cheats

Immediately before you begin playing a stage of the game, you will have the opportunity to see the goals of that stage. Also, you will be shown how many stamina points you need to begin that particular stage. There is an average power level for your heroes combined, and that power must be higher the power level needed for that stage. In the overview, you will also be able to know which units of the enemy you can watch out in that particular stage and the possible rewards will be gotten after you complete the stage successful.

When you click on ‘next’, you will have the opportunity of assembling a team of heroes that you would send on the mission to complete that stage. If you complete a stage successfully, you will earn from one to three gold stars based on your performance in that stage.

Also, you would get gold coins and experience points as earnings for success. You will also earn rewards like runes, weapons and new heroes.

If you gain many experience points, you will be able to level up and unlock more of the features within the game.

Magic Rush: Heroes Cheats Hack 2

Apart from the normal Campaign Stages where you need to combat enemy units headlong, there are other side missions also which are designed like tower fence games. Here, you are required to position defensive ‘towers’ to bar the troops of the enemy from getting to the end point. Of you do this successfully, you will earn some experience points and booties. When you begin playing, the number of heroes in your team is three only. As you are progressing in the game by leveling up, you will have the opportunity of having five heroes in your team which is the maximum you can have in the game.

We have forty-five heroes in total in Magic Rush: Heroes and each of these heroes has a rating. The ratings range from one gold star to five gold stars.

The power of a hero depends on how high its rating is. You can arm all your heroes by giving them special weapons and armor, and also apply runes to their arsenal which makes them permanently stronger and also levels them up, in order to improve their their standard qualities.

If you wish to try P v P (player versus player), then the Dungeon game mode should suit your fancy in Magic Rush: Heroes. In this mode, you will battle random players around the universe and fight their own team of heroes. If you defeat their team of heroes, you will win epic rewards.

Magic Rush: Heroes is an amazing game with varieties of twists and turns and intrigues that will  make you have breath-taking experience while playing alone or with players all around the world.

The next thing to download on your device is Magic Rush: Heroes and all other utility files that come with it.


You can download the game here:

Magic Rush Heroes Gameplay and Important Advices


Hi Magic Rusher! 🙂 Today I will introduce Gameplays and useful advises. What I want to show you, lightly in my account, gameplays and importants advises that you can use and maybe make better your play and have fun in game. In this post I want to show you my Uther Who is awakening and show how I’m using and interesting results.

Uther, has new hability to get high armor, resistence and depending of strategy he brings greats results in special against physical teams. So in this guide I will show to you my account (I don’t think I have some thing new to show, but I want explain why I choose Uther) You could see my Uther is awakening (handsome, I really like it), five stars (going to six star, or Silver Big Star).

Later I’ll show his team’s category. Do you know who will gain armor when he is awakening this hereos will get extra armor? Look in special to Gerber, Bendivere (who I really think so strong now) and Gearz About equipaments, I’m making this last, it get back some damage what you suffer. I’m using this equip what make magic damage in opponents near to Uther each 3 seconds I want use the last, when I get it, uthe there I’m using the belt.

You could see my Uther is lv90 and his skills is 90 too His first skill is soo good to put shield in his team. His second skill heal allies. His third skill causes stunt and some damage. His fourth skill increases armor to all team’s members (is passive) and the fifth increases heroes in his team’s category.

Here you can see Leons Gameplay:

Magic Rush Heroes – Alliance War


magic rush heroes tricks

Hello there! It is me again and on this post I will talk about alliance war.

Lets go Alliance war last one week and after queue rest for 1 week. Here you have to build your team and set it on one of this lanes. You press edit team. I already have built my 3 troops but I will show you how to do it you press add troop. I have my first troop in September, now i will add the second one and now the third troop Press confirm For Those Who are VIP 7 or higher. They can add 4 or even 5 troops. Press Save Now you have to set your troops in one of the 3 lanes. The elder from my alliance Told me to set my troops in the mid lane Press add troop. And Then ok. Now comes the most important part. Everyday you will fight a different alliance. Here you can see the bracket As i said, this season is over and we are in the rest stage. The most important is That You have to set your troops in the lane everyday. After every battle the lanes are cleared. Then you must come back and Set Your troops again in one lane Everyday you must do that, is really important to win the battle. You must win 2 out of 3 lanes. There is a lot of strategy Involved But you shouldn’t leave the strategy to the elders and leader.


Hope you enjoyed this post.